Improve your basic footwork skills by doing these easy to do and set up drills.

All you need is 5 cones or markers and can be set up in seconds.


Drill 1

Set 5 cones in a line about a foot apart.

Start one end and side-step through cones

- progress to jumping over cones (both feet together)

- progress to stepping over cones (knees up)


Drill 2

Set 5 cones 5-7 yards apart at angles.

Start one end and side-step through cones.

- progress by turning yourself side on and go through cones forward/backwards


Drill 3

Set cones as in drill 2 but add a football to each cone. (shown pic 1)

Start at cone 1 and side-step to cone 2 once there dive onto ball, repeat until to cone 5.


To add a progress get a server to place a shot on floor as keeper reaches cone. (drill 4)


Drill 5 (not shown)

Set a four cones into a square roughly 6 yards apart.


Start in middle and on call sprint around called cone (1-4 or colour) and back to start point.

progress by adding a shot into hands on return to middle

progress by adding a diving save on return to middle