All goalkeepers have to face free kicks sometime during a game

whether its 18 yards out or 30 yards out and building a effective

wall to combat these is a way to make sure we feel more comfortable

and prepared if the ball manages to get through.


But how do we buld a effective wall?


Below is our tips on how to build that wall for any free kick.



Getting the right amount people in the wall can be the difference in us

being called on or not. Generally free kicks that are 18-23 ards out will

have more people in the wall than free kicks 24-30 yards out, but you

never really want more than 5 in the wall at anytime.



Players in the wall need to know what you want so get over to your near post and start organising. Make sure your clear what you want and if have to scream then so be it as you won't have alot of time to sort your wall. It can also be handy to have one in the wall face you when directing them.



Like any situation in goalkeeping your position could mean making that save or not. The wall you have now set up should be protecting that near post and your position should be set to protect far post but also able to get across goal if ball makes it past the wall to the near post, so don't position yourself too much to the far post.


Be Prepared

Even though you have lined your wall and got yourself into position, you must be prepared for anything to happen. A play in the all could move out of position as the kick is taken or the ball could take a deflection off the wall onto goal. Dont presume that the ball won't get past the wall as it will sometimes and you must be ready to react.



Building effective walls doesn't happen over night. They take time and practice to get certain walls built to each situation in games, so take your time at training to learn what works and what doesn't.


Now we have got the basics sorted we can now look at how we line a wall up.


First we need to decide how many players we will require in the wall (depending on the distance and angle of the ball placement). Once we have decided we can look at lining the wall in relation to the ball and our goal.


There are two basic ways to line your wall.


1. As shown below is to line the last man in the wall to the ball from the post. This may allow you to have less players in wall and let them mark opponents, however this may allow the kicker to bend the ball around the wall and onto goal.

It is safer to use this method when the kick is placed further out or wide where a cross is more likly but always be aware that some players may try a shot at goal.


2. The other way (shown below) is to line the second player in the wall to the ball from he post. This may require an extra player to be added to the wall, allowing opponents go unmarked in the box. This method is best used when the kick is nearer to your area and a shot is likely to be done.


Remember the best way to find out your way of setting up a wall and how many players to use will come with practice and everytime you face a free kick. Don't be affriad to try different walls out.