There are so many types of gloves on the market today.


Different sizes, colours, types, fittings and many young keepers wear the wrong type of glove or size to suit their hand as everyone's hand is different.


Just because a famous keeper is wearing a top brand glove doesnt mean it's the right glove for you.

I've included below what is imortant to finding the glove right for you.



When looking especially at a young age, the best way is to try as many gloves as possible.


Every glove has a different cut so just because you was a size 7 in a Adidas doesn't mean it will be in another make like Puma for example.


When trying gloves on, your fingers should never be touching the ends but not too much space that you can bend glove fingers back over. Remember you must feel comfortable but also bear in mind what a good is a glove when you can't handle a ball correctly due to too much glove excess.



The next thing is comfort, why wear a glove for a match that is going to

feel uncomfortable. The last thing you want when making a save is your

glove not feeling right, so try it on and off a few times and test with a

clean ball.



Now with so many types of gloves available from finger saves, negative

cut to roll finger and more, then there is different latex palms from dry

weather, wet weather and natural ground there are so many to choose



Iv witnessed so many young keepers now a days going for finger saves

as feel safer with them as 'won't hurt their hand'. In a way they are correct

it does provide better support but relying on them too long can also mean

your hands won't toughen up later on and could mean problems if decide

to change gloves later down the years. Don't be afriad to try different

styles to find what you like.


To the left are pictures of (1)Roll Finger and (2)Negative Cut gloves.



Prices vary and just because they are £40-50 doesn't mean they will be

better, many smaller manufacturers create gloves just like the bigger

brands but at a lower cost. So shop around.


Also bear in mind the more expensive the glove, the grip will be better

but will wear out quicker. Super soft and stickey latex palms found in

professional grade gloves provide exceptional grip but not much in



Don't go by manufacturer just because your famous favourite keeper does as they get gloves thrown at them on a regular basis at no cost, you have to buy yours so buy what you feel best for you as in end it's your money and you'll want your moneys worth.


Practice or Match

To help prolong the life of your gloves, try and not train with your match gloves. It may sound silly but remember in a match your duration of touching the ball and performing saves with your gloves will be alot less than during training.


So see if you can look at another pair of the same or less expensive gloves to take the beating during training and save the better gloves for matches. Once your match gloves become worn relegate them to training and purchase a new pair for matches.


My Recommendations

I don't recommend gloves as how can i when the gloves i wear may not be best or others. When i was playing i tried 4-5 brands before settling on a pair i felt comfortable with.