Communication is key for every player on the field, and especially

so for goalkeepers. They are the only player who faces the field the

whole time and are the best positioned to see the development of the play. 


We should know these two basic calls: 

“Keeper!" means the goalkeeper is making a play on the ball, defenders

should get out of the way. “Away!" means the opposite - the keeper is

not going after the ball and the defence should deal with it.


Key factors when communicating are:

Be loud.

It can be hard to hear out on the field, especially for someone on the

ball with their head down.


Be specific with commands

Yelling "Mark up!" or "Who's on #10?" often isn't enough - tell specific

players what to do ("John, mark #10" or "Ashley, Kirsty push up"). 


Get feedback from defenders

It can be a wave of the hand or a verbal okay, but have defenders let the goalkeeper know they were heard.


If they keeper does not call, defenders must take responsibility. The defence should never assume the keeper is going to come unless the keeper calls for it. This should be discussed before games

(‘if hear no call, u deal with it’ or ‘if I come for it cover me’ are two examples)


The keeper must yell these commands loudly and repeat if necessary. With each call there must be no doubt in anyone's mind who's ball it is! This even includes the opposing team (forwards will sometimes back off if they think the keeper is coming)