One of the most important and key aspect to solid goalkeeping.

Often the difference between a save and a goal is just half a step.


Keep moving and stay on the toes.

The feet of a good goalkeeper are constantly in motion, and they dance

on the balls of the feet. A sure way for a keeper to get beat is to have

their weight back on their heels. Not only does this keep them from

moving quickly to a ball, but it has bad effects on their diving and jumping.


You should have "happy feet", always bouncing on the toes and with

your weight forward. 


Stay square to the ball. (pictured left)

Always make sure your hips and shoulders stay

square to the ball. By doing this the rest of your

body stays in position ready to be called upon.


Get behind the ball.

Saves are easier when the ball is directly ifront of you, sometimes you will have to change your position in relation to the ball moving, so your feet must move to get you into the correct position to do this we use, 


Shuffle step - used best in short distances. The body stays square to the ball, the feet shuffle quickly but never cross over. 



Remember: ‘Quick feet never get beat’