Manufacturers are always looking at aways to adapt modern gloves to

help goalkeepers with better fit, comfort and grip. But some also come

with a hefty price and during a season can become expensive with multi

buying of pairs due to wer and tear.


Maintaining your gloves is easier than you think but also easy to ruin, to

help here are so points to remember.

After Games/Training

- After a session if your gloves are muddy, make sure they don't go dry

before you get home. Wet them or wrap in a damp towel before putting

them in your bag.


- Find a sink (from experience for young keepers, make sure parents

are aware your about to clean your dirty gloves before doing so) and fill it

with warm water. Not too hot.


- Put your gloves in and begin squeezing them. DO NOT twist them as if

wringing a cloth. Just squeeze them with your hands.


- When most of the mud has been washed out, draing the sink and squeeze water out og gloves, remember DO NOT TWIST. When squeezing water out of your gloves make sure the opening of the gloves is pointing down towards the sink for water to escape.


- Fill your sink with warm water again. Iv never used any soap myself but you can use ordinary hadn soap or shower gel if wish to but NEVER use washing powder or dishwashing liquid. There are also many glove wash products on the market now a days you can use.


- Squeeze again and then gently rub the glove latex where the dirst is, I wouldn't recommend using the gloves with each other to rub as this can cause friction and damage latex, same with brushes.


- When dirt stains have been removed from the surface of the glove, drain the sink, fill it again and then squeeze out the gloves untill all soap residue (if used) is gone. Do not be afraid to repeat 2 or 3 times untill all residue is gone.


- Drying your gloves can be done by strapping the glove straps on a hanger and hang them with the fingers pointing down. After n hour or two, water would have collected in the fingers so squeeze all this water out of the glove or else the gloves wont dry.


Alternatively you can rest from doors handles or hang anywhere possible.

However DO NOT place gloves in direct sunlight or near heat sources like radiators as this will dry the latex out and result in cracking.


Never wash gloves in washing machine or store wet palms together.