Goalkeepers face all kinds of shots, being able to deal with the dangers depends on

our handling and ability to hold or parry the ball away from incoming players.


Below is ways to deal with different types of shots.


Dealing with high body shots

The hands should come around the ball with the thumbs

going behind forming a 'W' shape. Remember the

elbows should be bent to take and force away from

the shot.


Dealing with mid body shots (picture 1)

Our starting position still remains the same but this

time the ball should be allowed to impact the stomach

with the arms and hands coming over the ball to

secure it and prevent any spillage or droppping the ball.


Dealing with low body shots

There are two methods goalkeepers use and

depending on ability and confidence depends which one is right for you.


Method 1:

Our knees should be bent down, while the hands should get behind the ball.

It is important at all times the body is behind the ball and the gap between the legs is

restricted to prevent the ball slipping through.


Correct way picture 2/Incorrect way picture 3


Method 2: (picture 4 + 5)

Advanced or pro goalkeepers may try this method.

Push your body weight forward as the ball approaches

and scoop the ball and follow through to the ground.

A fluid technique but if not carried out correctly the ball

could go straight through your body/legs into the goal.


Correct way picture 4 followed through to picture 5