Making sure you get in the right position can mean the difference

between you saving the ball or it hitting the back of the net.


To help goalkeepers get into the correct position is easy as just

imagining a line going from the ball to the centre of the goal.

(shown as the blue in line in pictures)


By placing ourself on this line we give us a better chance of saving any

shot but always making it harder for the opponent by closing down the

space for them to shoot into.


Closing Angles

When faced with a shot or 1v1 we need to be in the best position but also

we must close down the space for the shooter.


By staying on our line we allow the shooter all the time and space to pick

where to place the ball. (pic 1)


By moving off our line and closer to the ball we make the space for the

attacker to shoot into smaller (pic 2)


Regardless where the ball is by using this easy method you can get a

idea where to start and where to place yourself as the situation