In todays game all goalkeepers have different versions of a set position they do.

However the basics to all these different variations remain the same.


We should be aiming for this position when the ball is about to be struck to allow

you the opportunity to have a better chance of making a save.


These basics are the following,


- Should be on toes/balls of feet

- Feet shoulder width apart

- Knees slighty bent

- Body weight forward

- Chest facing the football

- Elbows slightly bent and narrow

- Hands out in front of chest, ball width apart


However when in process of making a save we must remember,


- Hands must be relaxed not tense

- Elbows are bent to take the force from strong shots

- Keep bodyweight forward, dont fall back

- Keep head still, its hard trying to catch a ball while head is moving all over the place.

- Remain still, only move towards the ball between players touches of the ball


With these basics covered we should be in better position to make a save or deal with

any situations.