This drill is designed to really work your goalkeeper across the full goal. 

Ideal for end of session or competition between keepers.


All you need is,

- goal marked out

- 4-8 footballs


Setting Up

Set one cone on the byline about 2-3 yards away from goal post.

Shooter to be at least 10 yards out with footballs.


- Keeper starts on post and goes out to cone.

- Once reached cone keeper turns and heads back into goal.

- As keeper makes it to goal post, shooter takes a shot at goal.

- Idea is to work the keeper and try and get them to move feet and

make the save.

- Once save is made keeper makes way back to cone and repeats untill all footballs have been used or coach calls. 

- Work both sides


Advance the drill

- Adjust the shots, keep low and work high or stretch the keeper

- Change the angle of service or place footballs around area to keep keeper guessing which ball is in play.

- Set a game where on returning to cone the keeper has to call out a current pro goalkeepers name (can use team names or anything you want) makes the goalkeeper think espically when tiring. I have used this and placed a forfiet for every wrong name or no call out.



Left is a short video of me using this drill in a session, great fun for all goalkeepers and a good workout.